oilpalm equipments to jayapura of west papua indonesia at gambias

  • more oil palm for west papua | down to earth

    More oil palm for West Papua | Down to Earth

    Indigenous lands in West Papua have been targeted by Jakarta for further oil palm development as part of the plan to focus new projects in "underdeveloped" eastern regions. The largest development to be announced in recent months is a vast 102,000 hectares in the Arso transmigration area near the border with Papua New Guinea.

  • the west papua oil palm atlas ( - 23 mb) - id.123dok

    The West Papua Oil Palm Atlas ( - 23 MB) - id.123dok

    WEST PAPUA OIL PALM ATLAS The companies behind the plantation explosion During the last few decades, Indonesia's oil palm industry has been growing rapidly, but focussed almost entirely on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. In Papua on the other hand, by 2015, only seven companies had successfully developed plantations.

  • getting visa for papua new guinea in jayapura, west papua

    Getting visa for Papua New Guinea in Jayapura, West Papua

    Valid 2017) You CAN NOT get tourist visa for Papua New Guinea on any border or at the airport. You must issue one at the closest embassy or consulate. If you decide to cross the border between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea on land it is most convenient to issue your visa at the embassy in Jakarta or the consulate in Jayapura, West Papua

  • many heavy equipments hidden inside oil palm plantation

    Many heavy equipments hidden inside oil palm plantation

    Jayapura, Jubi – According to the Provincial Revenue Management Board (Bapenda) of Papua Province, many contractors are hiding their heavy equipment inside palm oil plantations to avoid paying taxes.

  • 1) shooting in deiyai, haluk: colonial face for 56 years

    1) Shooting in Deiyai, Haluk: Colonial Face For 56 Years

    1) Shooting in Deiyai, Haluk: Colonial Face For 56 Years By Suara Papua - August 4, 201701 JAYAPURA, SUARAPAPUA - The shooting incident against Papuan civilians in Kampung Oneibo, Deiyai District, Papua, Tuesday (1/8/2017) and then, part of the series of genocide by the colonial state through armed forces.

  • palm oil | west papua media alerts

    palm oil | West Papua Media Alerts

    from our partners at Tabloid Jubi’s West Papua Daily. 14 September 2014. Sorong, Jubi – Residents in Salfi Sub-district of Sorong South Regency rejected the local government’s plan to invite a palm oil plantation company to their area, said Customary Council community leaders.

  • the indigenous tribes in papua – – ethnic

    The Indigenous Tribes in Papua – Papua.Travel – Ethnic

    The Indigenous Tribes in Papua Papua is the largest Indonesian province located in the eastern part of Indonesia. Papua used to cover the entire western part of Papua, but since 2003 it has been divided into two provinces, Papua and West Papua.

  • various kinds of honai – – ethnic, culture

    Various kinds of Honai – Papua.Travel – Ethnic, Culture

    Hello fellow Climbers! If you ever visit Papua, you may see a lot of modern houses or tall buildings in the few regions of Papua. However, if you visit the mountain area of Papua, you will come across various traditional houses that looks something like a hut.

  • jayapura, papua | indonesia travel guide

    Jayapura, Papua | Indonesia Travel Guide

    The name Jayapura literally means City of Victory and have only been given so since 1968. In the past, it has various names, which are Hollandia, Kota Baru and Sukarnopura. Like other cities in Indonesia, it also boasts some nightlife. Where is it. Jayapura is the capital of Papua, Indonesia and also the largest city here.

  • papua flights - lonely planet

    Papua flights - Lonely Planet

    There is one land border crossing between Papua and Papua New Guinea that is open to foreigners. It's at Skouw (opposite Wutung, PNG), 55km east of Jayapura and 40km west of Vanimo, PNG. This border suffers occasional temporary closures, usually due to political tensions.



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